Running Series, Episode 1: Cross Training

Running Series, Episode 1: Cross Training

"When we play sports someone teaches us how to throw a ball or kick a ball or swing a bat, but no one teaches us how to run. There is a right and a wrong way," Kevin Froese PT, DPT, CSCS.

Introducing our Running Series! We will be releasing a series of videos and posts to help runners get better, get stronger, be more prepared, and prevent injury. We also hope to motivate some non-runners to lace up their shoes and get out the door! If you would like specific exercises to improve or recover or to evaluate your running form, stop into the clinic or call us at (315) 825-1316 to make an appointment.

This first post covers the importance of cross training as a runner. Running is hard on the body, everyone who runs knows that, but you can still get those miles in and keep up your endurance while easing the load on your joints. We recommend that all runners cross train, especially on the bike. Kevin recommends using a stationary bike in the gym, or a road bike outside, on alternating days to help you maintain your endurance while reducing the stress on the body.

When it comes to the elliptical, Kevin recommends using it when coming back from an injury. While the elliptical reproduces the running motion of one foot in front of the other, it is not a natural movement as there is no foot cycle because your feet do not lift from the platforms. But the machine will help you recover and keep up your endurance with low impact.

Make sure you mix up your road, track, or treadmill miles with some cross training days, so your body will thank you in the long run (haha, get it?) and you will be better equipped to tackle any upcoming races, if that's your thing.

Keep an eye out for Episode 2: Strength Training!

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